Location of Kanipura:


Kanipura is well known with the name 'Kumble' which is about 11 Kilometer from Kasargod and about 39 Kilometer from Mangalore located side by the National Highway (NH-17).


Everyday, minute by minute direct Express buses connect Kumble along with Kasargod and Mangalore providing convenience to the tourists to visit Kumble.


One can also visit Kumble by means of Southern Railways too.


The nearest Airport is ‘Bajpe Airport’ located at Mangalore.


The Temple is situated at the heart of the Kumble town, at about half Kilometer from the city, in a deep place. It is thus situated at the foot of an elevated hill which rises majestically in front of it, with river Kumbhini planking it on the North. The Western Sea situated at the West portion of the Temple. At the Northern portion the river Kumbhini (Kumble river) flows East to West and joins the Western Sea.


Please refer this satellite map to easily make your way to the temple.

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The best time to visit the temple is during its Annual Festival. The last day is a very special day popularly known as Kumble Bedi (public Fireworks Show) which alternately occurs during 16th or 17th of January every year.


The correct Schedule of Annual Festival for the following year can be found HERE


There are facilities to the tourists to stay in Kumble town in moderate standard hotels or more comfortable hotels can also be found in Kasargod or Mangalore.