Administration of the temple:

This Temple is now being governed under Malabar Devaswam Board. The Executive officer performs the functions through the office manager and clerk. The staffs include Melshanthi, Keelshanthi, Sthaniks (Paataali), Padarthi, Adchali and cleaners.


Melshanthi is the person who worships the Deity. Keelshanthi helps the Melshanthi in the said job and also prepares Prasadam. The Sthaniks are the persons who prepare the flower garlands to the Deity and helps in the external activities including cleaning the inner surroundings of the Temple yard. Padathi is the persons whose main job is to operate Chende (Drums) during the time of poojas and festivals of the Temple. Out of the above posts, Melshanthi and Keelshanthi are the hereditary posts exclusively performed by the famous Kumble Adiga family. 


In line of Sthaniks (Paataali) of this Temple, Sri Parthisubba is the well known personality, who is considered to be the ‘Father of Yakshagana’ (Tenku Thittu) who was born and bred up during 1740 to 1800 AD. He had born in Kumble and wrote Yakshagana prasangas at Shedikavu Temple, which situates about one and half Kilometer from the Temple towards Eastern portion.